About The WABAC Machine BBS

In the dark days before the Internet, when two computers wanted to exchange information often the only choice was a point to point connection over serial ports.

As modems became affordable to home computer users, people started putting their own computers online  for other to access.

These computers ran special software allowing their computer to become a Bulletin Board¬†System or “BBS”.

In most cases each BBS computer could only support one caller at a time.

Most BBS’s were run by hobbyists but there were systems that supported businesses.

The WABAC Machine BBS started as a support BBS for my computer networking and software company.

I added support for Internet Email to the BBS and became the first local Internet Service Provider in my area.

That’s another story.

The WABAC Machine is running software from 1994 on a dedicated computer under MS DOS 6.22.

The Main BBS Server with the DMA server below.
The main BBS console.

By using Worldgroup as the BBS software, The Wayback Machine BBS can support many users at the same time on one computer.

To connect the BBS to the Internet the BBS is using MajorTCP by Vircom. This add on allowed the BBS, running under DOS to support TCP/IP using a packet driver.

The BBS supports the following protocols:

Not bad for a DOS box.

What can you do on the BBS? Well you can play online games (Galactic Empire, TW2002(Pro), 2 Lord Games, Wilderness MUD, SUB Striker and a lot more! ) with other players or send and receive email (full internet access) or Download files and programs. This is what the online world looked like before the World Wide Web or even AOL.

You can access the BBS through this web page (see below), or you can download a telnet client program and connect directly.