Wavelength Acceleration Bidirectional Asynchronous Controller (WABAC)

Click back in time to 1994...

The WABAC Machine BBS is your link to the past, today!

The following programs are loaded and available for you to access:

TradeWars 2002
Galatic Empire
VGA Planets
Legend of the Red Dragon (2 Games)
Sub Striker (Submarine Simulator)
Wilder Lands MUD
Kyrandia (MUD)
Fazuul (MUD)
Super Nova
Hangman's Secret Cove
Sea Battle (Baqttle Ship)
Video Poker
Video Slots
Super Lotto
World Domination (Risk)
Match Maker
File Libraries
Message Forums (Local and Usenet)
Mulit User Chat (Local and IRC)
User Regestery
Global Power (Global Commands)
Mountin Mail (Email Assistant)
Your own Email Mailbox
POP3 Access to your Email Box
Out Going Internet Access (Telnet, FTP Clients)
Chart your Biorhythm
Get your Tarot Cards Read

More to come...

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